Replacement of locks with the secure ones

In some cases, especially the installation of the old lock and the construction of the door dictate the need to disassemble the door completely in order to replace the lock, even on the exact same model of the lock. First of all it concerns metal doors equipped with transom system.

We can help make your doors secure, install or replace door locks on the current models – the secret, proof, protected from tampering. Always available to install locks or replacing locks are almost all models as mechanical locks, cylinders, and armor plates, and popular models of locks.

Locks from Italy Mottura, Cisa, Atra, Securemma …; Locks from Germany Abus..; locks  from Spain Tessa, MCM …; locks from Turkey Kale  , Fayn…; Locks from Finland Abloy; Locks from Israel Mul-t-lock, and many others. Therefore, our foreman, can not only “stupidly” to replace the locks on the doors, but also encode door lock (metal, steel, iron) in order to ensure such doors and locks the degree of secrecy and security that you yourself wish to receive. After all, not least to protect the locks is armory locks: wide diversity of armor as well as manganese plate (armor plate) to protect the lock in case of mechanical damage, the cylinders are offered in a large range- from conventional to the most recent models with the highest degree of secrecy.

Protect doors and windows from breaking.

The proposed unit of German concern ABUS solve the problem of security without compromising the overall design of the windows. ABUS locks are easily installed on already installed windows. To this is added an excellent German quality, an opportunity to complement and simplify the existing system of locking, and prevent children from accidentally opening the lock. ABUS Locks are designed and tested for all glass constructions – windows, doors, skylights and conservatories.