Security surveillance, intercoms

Remote visual observation – the best to date way to monitor what is happening in the inner rooms of the enterprise and on the perimeter.

Precaution against physical assault

Installing video surveillance – is not a whim or a luxury but a necessary measure in today’s conditions, when the crime rate is high. Perhaps now, attackers will pass you by choosing another site for vandalism and a source of profit. But nobody knows who will be among the victims in the criminal chronicle tomorrow.

Save your property

Installation of video surveillance – a task of paramount importance, if you managed to achieve success in your life and acquire some wealth, which may be the subject of elementary envy of less successful fellow citizens. You worked hard for years to make your business prosper, but some are not willing to invest so much time and effort. They want to get everything at once, and from others. Installing CCTV systems will prevent unpleasant consequences. We can help you protect your business, office, cottage, so you do not have to start it from scratch.

Control the situation

Installing CCTV systems not only help you gain peace of mind. You’ll know that everything in your life is under control. Is it not that everyone seeks for? Control over all spheres of life gives you confidence in yourself and you can without looking back, can boldly go forward. Why work all day long, if you are not able to then save the results of your labor?

Get rid of unfounded suspicions

But sometimes the installation of video surveillance systems is needed not only to protect us from external attacks. Sometimes these things are necessary to protect us from ourselves. Let it be for the supervision of the nurse, who is sitting with your baby. It is better to be sure that in your absence all goes well, than suspect anyone later on. Professional nurses and workers do not come against such measures. On the contrary, feel more secure. No one can accuse them without good reason. Owners tend to lose things, forget where they put the precious; sometimes little things can be rolled under the sofa. Installing CCTV rids of unnecessary suspicion; you’ll know for sure that nobody is to blame for the disappearance of valuable heirlooms, except yourself. Let the video not only protects your property, but also good relations with the people who serve you faithfully. You, meanwhile, can concentrate on more important tasks and do not worry about the protection of property.


– This is what we face every day, coming to any institution. By the way, intercoms are a valid means of working to protect your home or office. Properly conducted door entry will ensure the safety of the child remaining in the apartment; the walls will be protected against the “beautiful” inscriptions and safe your home from unwanted visitors. Installing an intercom with the video panel will allow your child to see the guest and be fully convinced that he could open the door. This intercom system is akin to the camera outdoor surveillance, performs almost the same functions, controlling access to the house.

Before you buy intercoms, worth remembering that they consist of several parts. First, without which it can not do either one intercom – is calling panel. It can be a bill, or mortise, various designs, with or without anti-vandal coating, with a color or black and white camera. In addition, intercoms contain a part that is installed directly in the room. All sorts of possibilities: from the push-button performance until color monitors with touch-sensitive buttons! The choice of the monitor and call panel should be in one resolution, as intercoms support PAL and NTNC standards. Door entry may involve multiple monitors to one call panel. This door entry will open the door while in any room where a panel intercom.

  • Digital video surveillance;
  • Wireless Systems and CCTV;
  • Access control systems, with the ability to track time and event logging;
  • Video intercom any complexity for home and office;
  • Intercom, audio intercom systems from the per subscriber to interphone system;
  • Alarm systems, including wireless alarms;
  • System alert sound;
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